Special 5 night Fishing Package

7 Night Panama Fishing & Adventure Package

Starting at $875USD/pp

Our most affordable fishing package ever. This includes 5 nights accommodations in either our cottage or deluxe villa plus 4 days of fishing. This package is for up to 4 anglers.

  • 2 days of offshore fishing. Go to famous spots on the Hannibal bank for big game like Yellow fin tuna, Black Marlin, Dorado, Rooster fish
  • 2 days of inland fishing (Red snapper, Jack, Sea Bass, Mackeral, Wahoo, Grouper are common catches).
  • Transportation to & from the airport just outside of David to Mango Bay Villas.

Add meal preparation for a modest fee. Flight and liquor costs are NOT included.

Starting at $1995USD/pp

A truly spectacular offering- perhaps the only one of it’s kind in Panama for the scope of activities and price. This package includes:

  • Deluxe accommodations 
  • 4 days of fantastic deep sea fishing in the Pacific
  • Transport to and from the airport in David
  • Private cooked meals and housekeeping
  • Other adventure tours such as Panama canal tour, forest canopy zip lining, Panama coffee estate tour, snorkelling.
  • Night at hotel/casino in Panama City.

Flight and liquor costs are not included. 

Deep Sea Sports Fishing

Mango Bay is located near to some of Panama’s best deep sea fishing locations, including one of the world’s best big game fishing locations, the Hannibal Bank. With over 150 world records, this natural bank moves plankton from over 1000 feet to some 40 feet, providing a rich food chain that attracts big fish like yellow fin Tuna, black and blue Marlin, Dorado and many others. Our experienced sea boat captain grew up on one of the islands in the park & will guide you to some of the best fishing anywhere. We also go to other proven locations in the inner islands that abound with smaller but plentiful marine life. Our sports fishing packages include accommodation at Mango Bay Villa, bait and gear (or bring your own). We offer “a la carte” pricing (add what you wish) or all-inclusive packages,  priced at up to 40% off what others in the area are charging. Great adventure awaits!

Inner Islands Sports Fishing

Our experienced sea boat captain will guide you to some of the best local and “secret” fishing spots in and around the Gulf of Chiriqui. The waters are calmer, the price is lower, and the fishing is still excellent! Our experienced captain will transport you and up to four (4) others to and from Mango Bay Villa  for a full day of fishing. Priced per person with discounts for more people.  Select as many days as you would like to fish. Rods and bait included, or bring your own gear. Prices are per person per day and include all charges (pack your own food and beverages). Choose as many days as you wish. Onboard coolers are provided to keep your catch and Mango Bay offers a freezer for your use.

Free Diving

Our experienced sea boat captain will guide you and up to seven (7)  friends to some of the best local and “secret” free diving spots in and around the Gulf of Chiriqui for a full day of fishing. Priced per person per day with discounts for more people, and includes all charges. Pack your own food and beverages. Select as many days as you would like to fish. Dive with or without spear or net. Gear provided or bring your own if you wish. Onboard coolers are provided to keep your catch and Mango Bay offers a freezer for your use.

Coral Surfing in Marine Park

Coral surfing with our Sub Wing to explore coral reefs in the marine park. This new and fun sport pulls surfers slowly behind a boat, while they use the Sub-wing fin to move below the surface to view the beauty of the reef- and then back up again for air. It is suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Your guide will take you to various reefs surrounding the nearby Marine Park. You & your friends can take turns viewing the reefs under water. Two can ride behind at one time. An ice cold cooler of ice tea & diving masks are provided. Your guide will also take you to the awesome beach on Isla Gamez for relaxation, swimming & great photo opportunities. On the return trip back, he will drop your group off at a local restaurant (allow $10 per person), so you can enjoy a meal with a fantastic view of the open water in front of Boca Chica.

Whale Watching

Every year, between July and October, the warm waters of Panama attract thousands of breeding and nursing humpback whales from both hemispheres. Our experienced boat captain will position you close to the whales, while still respecting their space and privacy. Priced per person with discounts for more people. This is the price for one day. Select as many days as you would like to go. Maximum 4 persons per trip.

Snorkelling and Beachcombing

Our experienced sea boat captain will guide you and your group to some of the best local beaches in and around the Gulf of Chiriqui.  We’ll provide the gear, and beach tents to keep you out of the sun. Priced per person per day with discounts for more people. Snorkel and explore the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Paddleboard and Canoe Rentals

Rent one of our two paddle boards or canoe. There is also A fantastic way to stay in shape while experiencing the diversity of the bay around Boca Chica Island up and close.  Best used before noon before when the water in the bay is calmest.

Waterfall Half Day Excursion

We will provide boat transport to and from Chorcha and then your guide will transport you to a pristine jungle waterfall. This requires a 40 minute hike to the base of the large waterfall. After drying off & walking back to the vehicle. Your guide will drive the group up to the mountain creek canyon. There are outdoor washrooms there. It is a good time to have the picnic lunch which is provided. Both spots are ideal for cooling off in the fresh water.. An unforgettable Panamanian adventure.

Forest Canopy Zip Lining

Mountain tour, includes transportation from Chorcha to Boquette about an hour away, plus the cost of the forest canopy zipline adventure. Soar through the forests of Panama across 12 zip lines across 3km of pristine jungle in this adrenaline pumping adventure of a lifetime. Suitable for most fitness levels. Lunch at a local Panamanian Cafe at guests expense (allow $ 5-10).  Choose another half day adventure and make a day of it!

Coffee Estate Tour

Panamanian coffee is some of the best in the world, and the most expensive. This half day excursion, typically arranged in the afternoon,  includes guide and transport to and from Mango Bay. Guests may choose to stop for dinner at one of the many good restaurants in Boquette (budget $7-$15 not included).

Top of the World Summit Trip

Venture up some rugged terrain on a 12 person custom 4×4 vehicle and view both oceans from the top of an 11, 000 foot volcano. Explore the summit & take all your pictures to show your friends back home! On your return down the mountain, your personal tour guide will take you for a delicious Panamanian breakfast with fresh coffee. Then he will bring you to the refreshing Congilones Qualaca Canyon. It is a fun spot to jump off a mini cliff into cool fresh water.

Beach Day at Boca Brava

This massive and gorgeous sand beach is only 10 minutes from Mango Bay. It has a small island just across a narrow channel. There is also a small river that meanders out of the interior of this large island. There is abundant surf around the corner, yet the channel has calm water. We will bring 1-2 paddle boards depending on the size of the group. As well as 2 boogie boards. For groups over 4 we will set up our shade building. If the group wanted, we could bring our canoe over as well. It is a memorable paddle up the river.(Extra charge applies.)

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