Why Travel to Panama?

Gorgeous Weather

A Panama holiday or fishing getaway offers fantastic weather for five months of the year, with average temperatures ranging between 24C (75F) to 35C (95F). Sunny season runs from late November to April and the wet season from May to October. Click here for historical weather averages in Boca Chica. Fruits of various types are ripening throughout the year. In the dry season there are ripe mangos, papayas, pineapples, naranjillas, oranges, limes, mandarins, and granadillas (a large passion fruit). In the wet season will be found yellow melons, passion fruits, guanabanas, coconuts, mamons, maranon curazas and avocados among many others.

Low Crime Rate

Being the victim of a crime is never fun or expected, especially during ones’ holidays. Although Panama is not immune from crime, especially petty crimes, most of this takes place in the major cities.  Compared to other counties in Central and South America as well as Caribbean Islands, (such as Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Brazil)  Panama is blessed with a very low crime rate. In In fact, compared to the United States, Panama has more favourable crime statistics. We advise against travel to the south of Panama, which borders Columbia, as well as city of Colon.

Expect your trip to Mango Bay to be free of all such concerns. We can arrange for our trusted taxi or guide to meet you at the airport or bus station in David, and transport you to one of two nearby marinas, where our experienced captain will transport you directly to Mango Bay. Our many adventures and activities in Panama are guided by experienced and trustworthy guides, so you can be assured of safe holiday travel.

Endless Adventures

At Mango Bay, on the Pacific side, you can experience some of the best sport fishing in Panama, snorkelling, scuba diving,  coral surfing, paddle boarding, whale watching, knee boarding, water skiing,  beach combing and island ridge hiking. Within a short trip to the mainland are the mountainous regions of Boquette with forest canopy zip lining, coffee tours, monkey sanctuaries, waterfall and canyon diving, and volcano hiking. Howler monkeys, parrots, With our local knowledge and experienced guides we’ll help you to create the ultimate adventure vacation. Book your Panama adventure here.

Bountiful Nature

Mango Bay Villas in Panama offers an incredible diversity of wildlife and terrains. The country is home to hundreds of species of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians including 125 animals found only in Panama. The country also boasts nearly 1000 bird species, the largest number in Central America, including quetzals, macaws, amazons, parrots, toucans, cotingas and the harpy eagle, which is the national bird of Panama.

Primate lovers will appreciate capuchins, squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys and  other fascinating varieties such as howler monkeys which are plentiful on Boca Chica Island.

Panama’s reefs support a wide variety of tropical fish, and many varieties of ocean mammals such as humpback whales, reef sharks, bottlenose dolphins, and killer or sperm whales, small numbers of sharks in deeper waters, as well as five of seven of the worlds species of sea turtles.

High Quality Health Care

When travelling abroad, you don’t expect an accident or illness to strike, but if it does you want to be sure that you have access to adequate health care. Panama offers high-quality medical care and modern hospitals in its metropolitan areas. Many Panamanian doctors, nurses and technicians have been trained in the US and are bilingual. In addition, the standards at the top hospitals compare favorably to those in the United States and are, as a result, able to provide excellent attention in a very broad variety of specialties to meet everyone’s needs.

All the procedures, services and attention can be obtained at much lower costs than in the US and other countries. As a result, these cost savings have contributed to Panama becoming a ‘health tourism’ destination for those seeking medical attention. In addition, many drugs that require a prescription in the US are available over the counter in Panama. We recommend medical travel insurance when travelling.

Easy Travel to Panama

The easiest and fastest way to travel to Panama is by air where major international airlines, including American Airlines and Air Canada, fly to Panama City with regularly scheduled flights. It takes between 3 and 7 hours to fly to Panama from many Canadian and U.S. cities. Most international flights still land in Panama City. With the newly completed international airport expansion of Enrique Malek Airport in David in 2012, more and more flights will be directed there. There is also a luxury tour bus with reclining seats from Panama City to David. Though the ride is 6 hours, it is very comfortable and affordable at approx. $20 per person.

A variety of national airlines operate from the International Airport Marcos A. Gelabert, in Albrook. They offer frequent and charter flights to more than 150 airfields within Panama.

From David our guide or preferred taxi will take you to one of two nearby ports where our experience boat captain will be waiting to ferry you to Mango Bay. Paradise found!



  • This is one of the best vacations we've ever taken! It was an adventure trip filled with extraordinary moments that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Well done Shawn, you have created a jewel in the islands of Panama!

    Randal Kelowna, Canada
  • Shawn's place was incredible, spent a few days there with friends. The house is beautiful and the glass construction with thatched roof makes you feel cozy while immersing you in the jungle. Highly recommended!

    Devin Sandy, Oregon, USA
  • An amazing spot with beautiful views on Mango Bay. The house is really clean and surprisingly full of facilities in the middle of a tropical forest. The activities were also great with beaches exploration, snorkelling, fishing, spear fishing and amazing barbecues.

    Jeremy Seignosse, France
  • El lugar es un paraíso, excelente para descansar, tranquilo con vistas hermosas. La casa muy cómoda con todo lo que se necesita. Siempre atentos a hacer placentero el lugar. El Sr. Víctor muy amable y atento. Recomendado al 100%

    Eva Panama City, Panama
  • Shawn was a great and very attentive host, gave all instructions on how to get to the cottage and several tips on how to enjoy the surroundings. The place is very quite and cozy, great for a getaway from the craziness of everyday. Victor, who manages the property is also very attentive and always willing to help you have a great experience.

    Camilla Panama
  • Cute cottage with all of the amenities. Comfortable beds, great kitchen, nice bathroom and living room area. Air conditioning is great and available if needed. However the ocean breezes and wonderful shading is all you need. There is an outside area to enjoy the breezes and have a favorite beverage. The dock is close by to hang out and watch the dolphins and other sea life that swim by, to look at the beautiful view or to stare at the amazing number of stars. If you are looking to relax, this is the place! Everyone is amazing and helpful.

    Wanda Ossipee, New Hampshire

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